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Tenant Guide

Last Modified: August 30, 2022
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General Tenant Information

How do I rent Studio 423?2022-08-30T10:13:42-07:00
  1. Apply at Zillow.com HERE.
  2. You are given the option to provide a credit check. If you do and if your score is solid, your reservation will be confirmed immediately.
  3. The State of Washington does not permit the prepayment of your deposit.
Pet Policy2022-04-04T13:02:26-07:00

Pet Policy

  • My home accommodates one small dog. Additional deposit and breed restrictions apply. See Summary Sheet for specific costs.
  • Carpet Fee- Charged Once to pet sanitize the carpet when you move out.
Moving in2022-03-08T15:28:52-08:00

If you need a cart to help with your move, there is an industrial type cart on floor P3. From the lobby, take the elevator to P3. When the door opens you will see a platform cart. Be careful with it and avoid taking it into the condo. Be sure to return the cart to P3.

How to get your key to the condo2022-03-08T15:25:05-08:00

You will either be greeted by a host and shown into your condo or you will retrieve your key from the KeyCafe.

KeyCafe: on the second floor of the lobby. Touch the screen and follow the directions. You will be provided an access code by me or the host. You input the code and the locker door opens.

How to Get Into the Building2022-03-08T15:31:29-08:00
  1. Send me a text message alerting me when you arrive in Seattle.
  2. Send a text when you are parked and ready to check in.
  3. When you get to the front door, use the call box and I will buzz you in.
  4. You will find your key fob in the condo for the front door and the garage doors.
How about New Tenant Orientation?2022-03-10T13:34:52-08:00

I have these information centers at the condo:

  1. Behind the front door affixed to the door.
  2. Affixed to the closet door by the work station.
  3. PLEASE take a look at my online guide.
How do I pay rent?2022-03-19T20:01:50-07:00

You can pay by check, Venmo, Zelle,  credit card, PayPal and most contemporary forms of payment.


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